b'Havoline Energy SAE 5W-30 LUBRICANTS/OIL is suitable for gasoline and diesel passenger cars or light diesel vans PerformanceFord ApprovalsACEA A5/B5, A1/B1 WSS-M2C913-CAPI SL, CF WSS-M2C913-DFiat 9.55535.G1 Jaguar LandSTJLR 03.5003-16RoverFord WSS-M2C913-B Renault RN 0700WSS-M2C913-AThis specially designed low friction, Promotes improved Designed forlow viscosity oil provides extended fuel economy and highprotection against drain intervals in Europe and meetsperformance enginewear and corrosion in ACEA A1/B1 and A5/B5. wear protection,high temperature, highhelping increasespeed driving and city Havoline Energy SAE 5W-30 engine service life stop-start conditionsis developed for applications Advanced cleaningFormulated forthat require Ford WSS-M2C-913D, additives designed rapid circulationWSS-M2C-913C but the product to reduce harmfulin low-temperature |is also backwards compatible deposit and sludgecold-starts, offering or Ford specifications WSS-M2C-913Bbuild-up and improveincreased engineand WSS-M2C-913A. performance wear protectionTRP now offer an extensive range of Gear Control CablesSimilar to a traditional gear linkage, the gearcontrol cable selects and engages the differentgears within the transmission system. To ensurea smooth gear selection, it needs to be in good condition and replaced with a premium qualityproduct when it becomes worn.Traditionally thought of as a dealer only part,TRP now offer a comprehensive range of gearcontrol cables, that cover all popular lightcommercial vehicle applications.Van Braking KitBrake parts for Light Save time and money withMintexs one stop shop box, Commercial Vehicles specially engineered for LCV applications and includes aMintex products have been availableSet of Mintex Brake Pads, Pair of Brake Discs, Accessories, since 1908. Having undergone continuousLubricant and Handbrakedevelopment, testing, and engineeredshoes where applicable.alongside the OE friction that Mintex supply, this aftermarket product hasmuch in common with OE parts.EXCELLENTMintex Brake Pads offer:VALUE FOROptimum performance MONEYI ncreased efficiency CALL US FOR Durability Ability to withstand highA QUOTEtemperatures and excessive wear I nnovative technologyExceeds Regulation 90 (ECE R90)ISSUE SIX 7'