b'CONSUMABLES LAMPSPART NUMBER DESCRIPTION QEHL3002 LED VISION HANDLAMP ORG (FOC SANITISER)QEHL3001 LED VISION HANDLAMP YLW (FOC SANITISER)RANGE INCLUDES: QEHL305 LED VISION WAND HANDLAMP (FOC SANITISER)LIGHTING AND BATTERIES QEWL100 COB LED 2000 LUM HANDLAMP (FOC SANITISER)VEHICLE MAINTENANCEWINTERCLOTHINGWORKSHOPHOSE CLIPS & TIESPART NUMBER DESCRIPTIONQ110188 ACE HOSE CLIP RACK c/w PIPE CLIPSQ245252 METAL TIES 40-110MMSCREWSPART NUMBER DESCRIPTIONQ975308 FLIP TOP SCRW ZP (BLU) 8X3/4"1000s of products3 Q975309 FLIP TOP SCRW ZP (WHT) 8X3/4"readily available Q975310 FLIP TOP SCRW ZP (YLW) 8X3/4"Comprehensive3 Q975311 FLIP TOP SCRW ZP (BLA) 8X3/4"coverage on all Q975320 PLASTIC HEADED SCRW ZP (WHT) 3/4"workshop itemsQ975321 PLASTIC HEADED SCRW ZP (YLW) 3/4"3 Quality Products Q975322 PLASTIC HEADED SCRW ZP (BLA) 3/4"3 Fast Delivery Q975323 PLASTIC HEADED SCRW ZP (BLU) 3/4"FIXT PRODUCTSPART NUMBER DESCRIPTION BATTERIESFX081104 FIXT BRAKE & CLUTCH CLEANER 400ML CODE SIZE QUANTITYFX081150 FIXT CLEAR GREASE 400ML Q275104 Lithium COIN 3V5 OIL CLEAN UPFX081151 FIXT WHITE GREASE & PTFE 400ML Q275291 ENERGIZER AAA 10 PART NUMBER DESCRIPTIONFX081202 FIXT ANTI-BAC AIR-CON CLEANER 200ML Q275290 ENERGIZER AA10 Q865173 ABSORBENT PADS HEAVYWEIGHTFX081403 FIXT400 SPRAY 400ML (DISPLAY PACK) Q275292 ENERGIZER C 10 Q895293 MULTI-ZORB ABSORBENT GRANULES 20LFX085532 FIXT HQ SILICONE SEALANT (BLK)200ML Q275293 ENERGIZER D 12Q275294 ENERGIZER 9V 12PUMP SPRAYERPART NUMBER DESCRIPTIONQ895059 CHEMICAL PUMP SPRAYER 1L Non-toxic, non-abrasive& relatively dust freeRequires no special precautions during handlingProvides sure footingon slippery surfaces MAX VOUCHER MAX VOUCHER MAX VOUCHERTRP LCV All Makes TRP LCV All Makes TRP LCV Brake Starters Alternators Kits (Mintex)MAX VOUCHERS 750 750 4 . .VALID UNTIL 31.08.21 DISCOUNT 87300215 DISCOUNT 87300214 DISCOUNT 87300213Every effort has been made to ensure correct parts and application details are shown throughout this mailer. However, as parts are constantly updated and subject to change please check with your dealer at point of purchase. Parts offered subject to availability. Some applications are covered by multiple part numbers. Please check with your dealer if you require a quote for an alternative part. Images are for illustration purposes only. If you do not wish to continue receiving this mailer from your local DAF dealer, please return the mailer to the sender clearly marked return to sender, or contact your local DAF dealer and request to be removed from future mailing lists. Dealer contact details are shown on this mailer.'